Cooperfrigu Food Workers are trained in Oratory Course

Cooperfrigu Foods organized, on Friday and Saturday, an oratory course aimed at employees and Executive board of the company, which had a workload of 20 hours, with the participation of the National Cooperative Learning Service of Tocantins (SESCOOP).

The goal of the course according to the Instructor and Mentoring Iranilson Mota, entrepreneur of the Oratory + Program, is to develop the ability to speak in public stimulating the participants to work in the self-development in team and at the same time discover abilities previously dormant, not exercised or stimulated.

During the course activities were carried out in Workshop format With the effective participation of the participants using in the methodology the pillars of education defended by the United Nations (UN), Learning to Do and Learn to Be.

The techniques used were: Demonstrated dialogue with Power Point use, Individual filming, Individual and collective feedback, dynamic meditation sessions with visualization, Empowerment incentive and leadership.

For the worker Augusto César Brito de Oliveira, the oratory course is being a good opportunity that the company is granting to all participants.

“I work in the commercial sector and I have this contact with people on a daily basis, so I need to have a good expression when sending information to those who are getting it to understand objectively, I am taking advantage of everything that is being applied in practice and theory so that I can communicate better every day in the various spheres of society, “said Augusto César.


Samara Gomes

Advisor Communication


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