A new edition of the Cooperar Vida Saudável Program was held on Wednesday 16, which aims to show participating collaborators the importance of adhering to new educational practices, which will later influence the quality of life of each one, providing conditions to be carried out. The central focus is to work on re-education that includes good nutrition, physical exercise, periodic examinations, mental health care and several other methods that together contribute to personal well-being.
The program has already benefited 320 employees and, in this 8th edition, 40 employees participated, being divided into two groups, yellow and green. The activities began on September 25, 2018, in a total of 3 months of follow-up with professionals in Nutrition, Psychology, Medicine and Physical Education. During this period all the team that coordinated the program was engaged in favor of a good result, using mechanisms of easy understanding of the applied theories so that they were carried out of proper way.
The team that presented the best evaluation was the yellow group, receiving a performance bonus. In the category of individual highlight that integrates only 5 of all participants, 2 represented the green team and 3 the yellow team; these reached the best performance in all the questions, with extra awards.
For José Alves Feitosa, one of the 5 individual highlights, the program brought changes in all areas, encouraging a better quality of life and uniting people from different sectors of the company.
“The Cooperar Vida Saudável is a satisfaction for Cooperfrigu and all of us who are part of this group that coordinates the program, in bringing to people the feeling of caring, of preserving themselves. And this awakening of our employees to a better life makes them share outside of the company what they have learned, the awards are just a symbol. We have observed that 80% of respondents respond positively, resulting from all this is the change made in most of their life routines, “said Oswaldo Stival Júnior, President of Cooperfrigu.
The Psychologist Márcia Resplandes, who followed the evolution of each participant, realizes that this action is a noble cause and that each edition employees have adherence to healthy habits that, when taken to relatives, likewise reaches third parties outside the company.

Samara Gomes

Communication Advisor

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