Cooperfrigu concludes first MBA training in Business Management for Cooperatives

Always stimulating, believing and offering opportunities for professional growth, Cooperfrigu Foods throughout its existence invests more and more in its workers. Based on this, it was offered the Business Management MBA for Cooperatives that began in November  2017 with 12 students of Cooperfrigu, ending in June 2019.

This specialization had the partnership of the Tocantins National Cooperative Learning Service (SESCOOP), the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT) and the Foundation for Scientific and Technological Support of Tocantins (FAPTO).

On this Wednesday night, 17th of July, the graduation ceremony was held in the Catholic Hall of the Santo Antônio Church, which was attended by authorities, among them: President of Cooperfrigu Foods, Mr. Oswaldo Stival and other directors, President of the OCB / SESCOOP-TO System, Mr. Ricardo Khouri, founder of the Environmental Cooperative Program Dr. Andrea Noleto Stival, Municipal Councilor of Gurupi, Mr. Eduardo Fortes, UFT representative Mrs. Érika Borba and the President of the City Council, Mr. Wendel Gomides.

During the ceremony a blessing was given by Father Eldinei Carneiro who congratulated the company, partners and trainees for more achievement, expressing their admiration for always valuing their employees.The President of Cooperfrigu Foods talked about the importance of invest and empower employees, as well as his satisfaction in seeing the commitment of trainees throughout the trajectory.

“We understand that the greatest resource of a company is people, and we fulfill that responsibility that we consider essential. The result of this investment and work is related to what each of our employees delivers on a day-to-day basis with love and dedication, always striving for quality. Cooperfrigu won’t stop here, we will always continue investing in the improvement and continuous training of our employees. Therefore, in the second semester of 2019, Cooperfrigu, along with Sescoop will provide to 32 employees training of the English language “, claimed Oswaldo Stival.

For Romário Andrade, join the graduate course was a life-changing experience. Through the management course he had a great growth not only in the professional side, but also as a person. According to him through this opportunity he learned to deal better at home, with people, friends, family and especially at work, where he got a new perception of the his daily life and small details that sometimes go unnoticed, but that make all the difference.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity and the support that I have been given so that through a project such as this one, I can always seek excellence, be it professional or mainly as a human being”, said Romário.

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