Cooperfrigu Foods carries out training for members of the Fire Brigade

Cooperfrigu Foods is always caring about the safety of its employees and the company, thus periodically providing training of the members at the Fire Brigade to act in the prevention, combat and abandonment of a fire principle, providing first aid within the pre-established area.

However, this update is necessary to prove the effectiveness of this team. The Instructor and Work Safety Engineer, Eliomar Baima, followed  by the Coordinator of the Specialized Occupational Safety Service (SESMET), Dr. Humberto Alves, addressed in the theory subjects of great importance for a good performance such as: Fire Classes, Fire Propagation, Prevention, Extinguishing Methods and Fire Fighting Equipment.

The training took place on Monday, 27, with a workload of 8 hours, where firefighters updated the practice of combating several types of fire events, identification and functionality of fire extinguishers for each class of fire, as well as how to use hydrants. The work was done individually and in a group for the evaluation and behavior of each firefighter in these situations.

For Jaqueline Castro da Silva, a member of the brigade, this update is fundamental for everyone, since it refreshes the individual knowledge of each one on the subject, showing the new rules that came into force according to Regulatory Norm of nº 23.

“It is important to emphasize that each class of fire must be contained with different fire extinguishers to avoid major accidents, the importance of the time of action and several other points that year after year has been updated,” said Jaqueline Castro.


Samara Gomes

Advisor Communication

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