Cooperfrigu approved by USDA to United States market for beef meat

Exports of meat to the US may resume in October, say experts
The main exporters to the USA had exports suspended in order to avoid a total embargo on exports.
Brazilian exports of fresh beef to the United States, suspended since June, are expected to resume in October. The expectation is of technicians of the Ministry of Agriculture, who accompanied inspections done in the last days by delegation North American, in several refrigerators of the country.
Last Monday (25), the United States released a resumption of exports of thermoprocessed meat from five refrigerators that had been embargoed due to problems such as the disruption of packaging. The three units of the Marfrig refrigerator, located in São Gabriel (RS), Promissão (SP) and Paranatinga (MS); one from JBS, located in Campo Grande (MS); and one from Minerva, in Palmeiras de Goiás (GO), the main exporters to the US, had exports suspended in order to avoid a total export embargo.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, thermally processed products account for the bulk of Brazil’s beef exports to the United States. Brazil has 18 slaughterhouses that supply the raw

“Yesterday [Monday] we received the information that the processed meat is released. We hope that, very soon, we will also be able to release the meat in natura, “Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said last night in an industry event. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the end of the embargo on fresh cuts should occur after the Americans evaluate a document sent by the Brazilian authorities, in response to questions raised by the veterinary mission that was in Brazil in the first half of this year.

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