Cooperfrigu closes 6th edition of Project Cooperate Healthy Living

The 6th edition of the project Cooperating Healthy Life of the Cooperative of Gurupi Meat and Derivatives Producers (Cooperfrigu) was closed on Wednesday, 27, with the release of the results of the evaluations and awards to the best-rated group. After the award, the board promoted a moment of fellowship with all the participants.

Within the three-month project schedule, participants are submitted to clinical, physical, psychological, and nutritional assessments. Cooperate Healthy Living aims to encourage employees to practice healthy habits and, with that, to provide quality of life, well-being and health.

Through educational practices, the project helps employees inside and outside the work environment. Each edition includes 40 employees, divided into two groups, yellow and green. To achieve the best performance depends a lot on the teamwork and commitment of the teams to work in groups, aggregate people and maintain a daily discipline in food.

According to the president of Cooperfrigu, Oswaldo Stival Júnior, the next edition of the project will begin in January 2018. “The Cooperfrigu family is happy to reach the end of one more edition and to collaborate with each person’s habit change. This action motivates the participants to change their lives, inside and outside the industry, and contributes to their professional performance, “he celebrates.

“Every thirty days they are evaluated individually. At the end of the edition we generated the results of the tests of each participant, we added the score and we reached the final numbers of the best performing team and the top five among all employees of the two teams, “explains psychologist Márcia Resplandes.


In overall performance, the green team took the best and was the big winner of this issue of Cooperating Healthy Living. The top five individual performances have won a special award. Among the best performers were Vitorino Gonçalves Guimarães (yellow team), Gabriel dos Santos Matos (yellow team), Marcus Vinicius Ferreira Lima (yellow team), Jailson Andrade da Silva (green team) and Raimundo Braga Felizardo (green team) .

According to the collaborator Jailson Andrade da Silva, the Healthy Life brings several positive contributions in the day to day. “The project contributed to my reeducation of food, I improved my diet a lot. It also contributed to my health, a matter of breathing, fitness, disposition, all this has improved, a question of sleep, better sleep, to be better, even the mood of the people improves because health kind of rules all this, “he points out.

The developer celebrated the green team’s result and his individual result among the five best individual performances. “It’s a result that makes us happy because we strive for it, so we could get there, right. So when we can achieve our goals it is very gratifying. In addition to health, there is still a prize to encourage us to continue on this journey towards healthy life, “celebrates Jailson Andrade.

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