Cooperfrigu strengthens partnership with the largest hypermarket chain in the Persian Gulf

Cooperfrigu Foods proves every day the quality and efficiency in the meat processing and production, by being present in several national and international markets. Last week, the company strengthened and extended its partnership with the LuLu International Group, the largest Persian Gulf hypermarket network, during a meeting in Abu Dhabi.

The partnership exists for more than 15 years and Cooperfrigu Foods is responsible for providing prime chilled meat to the supermarkets of the United Arab Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Cooperfrigu Foods’ export director, José João Stival Júnior, attended a meeting with LuLu Group partners, Mr. Riyad and international purchasing manager Mr. Taheri, and extended the contract with the entity for another year.

“We concluded another year of contract with the LuLu International Group to serve the entire Persian Gulf market with chilled meat. It is an important partnership for our Cooperative, we greatly value this great market”, said José João Stival Júnior.

The LuLu Group has more than 140 supermarkets. The entity is considered a major player in the Middle East economic scenario and, in addition to the big business, presents many innovations in the management field.


By George Henrique – Ascom/Cooperfrigu

Translated by Rhaisa Prestes.

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