Cooperfrigu receives the mayor of Palmas, Mr. Carlos Amastha

Cooperfrigu was visited by the mayor of Palmas and president of the National Front of Mayors (FNP), Carlos Amastha, on the morning of this Friday, 02. The president of the cooperative, Oswaldo Stival Júnior, welcomed the entourage and presented the facilities and the industry sectors.

The mayor took advantage of meeting schedule in the municipality of Gurupi to visit the industry. Yesterday night, 01, the manager talked with the traders and entrepreneurs of the southern region on the reinvention of the economy of the municipalities, in the Chamber of Logistic Directors (CDL).

For Oswaldo Stival the visit of the mayor demonstrates his concern with the development policy of the state of Tocantins. “We were honored with the presence of Amastha who knew the facilities of our industry. We thank the entire entourage of the mayor for the illustrious visit, “said Stival.

State Deputy Alan Barbiero, Gurupi Councilor, Eduardo Fortes, Palmas City Councilor, Tiago Andrino, Palmas Government Secretary and former Federal Deputy Junior Coimbra, Palmas Urban Development Secretary Ricardo Ayres, Adir Gentil, the Gurupian public defender Kita Maciel and the vice president of Cooperfrigu, Aelton Camargo.

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