Cooperfrigu draws participants from the 7th edition of Cooperate Healthy Living

Investing in employees’ quality of life is a routine that inspires the Gurupi Cooperative of Meat and Byproducts Producers (Cooperfrigu Foods). With this vision, the cooperative held the draw for the participants of the 7th Project to Cooperate Healthy Life on Friday, January 09th. Forty participants were chosen and divided into two groups of twenty, represented by green and yellow colors.

During the execution of the project, in the three-month period, the collaborators will be evaluated under the supervision of a physician, a nutritionist and a psychologist from Cooperfrigu and two physical educators from the Social Service of Commerce of Gurupi (SESC). The Cooperar Healthy Living program aims to encourage employees to live healthy habits.

Raffled to participate in this edition, Quality Control collaborator, Raylisson Ferreira Barbosa, hopes to achieve good results throughout the project. “I hope I do well. It has been a long time since I had some tests done, I have high cholesterol, so I will try to achieve what the project proposes, try to improve my weight, gain more life quality, pay more attention to my health and improve nutrition”.

The change of habit among the professionals of the cooperative is the main goal that drives all the activity. According to Vice President Aelton Camargo, Healthy Life has mobilized 240 employees since its creation. “Since 2015 we have carried out, every year, several activities that value our staff. Cooperfrigu understands that quality of life is directly linked to the professional performance of our employees”, he said.

At the end of the activities, in the three months proposed, the company will reach the expressive mark of 280 employees assisted by the project. The best performing group receives a prize, and the five individual highlights, regardless of group, will also be awarded with a special award.

The groups draw is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 14th, and the project will be finished at the end of May.


By George Henrique

Translated by Rhaisa Prestes

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