In celebration of Mother’s Day, Cooperfrigu’s workers participate in A Day at the Movies with their children

Cooperfrigu Alimentos, in partnership with the National Service of Learning of Cooperativism of Tocantins (SESCOOP), carried out an action on Saturday 11, in honor of Mother’s Day.

This year, Cooperar aimed to cover a larger audience and provide a complete moment, providing mothers and their children A Day at the Movies, which was thought with all the affection and dedication to show them how important is their role in the several roles of society.

The event took place at the Mobi Cine (Cinema) in the morning, where snacks, juice, soda, popcorn and a toy library were offered to the children. After the initial opening speech by the founder and president of Cooperar, Dr. Andrea Noleto Stival, both mothers and their children were able to choose the films in the poster, having as options the Avengers Endgame, Breakthrough, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, which linked to all age groups.

For Dr. Andrea Noleto Stival, the COOPERAR Project has been encouraging and valuing people, as well as every moment lived.

“I want to thank the partner Sescoop who together with us Cooperfrigu, works for COOPERAR. Today is a very special day, as we are here at the movies celebrating with the mothers of Cooperfrigu and their children this date, and we want to congratulate each mother for her affection, good mood, love, for the corrections they make on their usual routine, because we know how tiring Education can be, that’s what makes people good. I also want to congratulate the mothers who are not from Cooperfrigu but also accomplish with all love the maternal functions, congratulations! “.

Satisfaction and joy were sure for everyone, for the employee Juneide Carvalho, the fact of being honored and recognized with her children is very gratifying, also this moment will never be forgotten.

João Pedro Rezende, 10 years old, son of the employee Sônia Rezende, chose the Avengers Endgame movie and was eager to see the film that his friends talked about.

“When my mother said Mother’s Day would be at Mobi Cine I was very happy and anxious to see the movie together with her, it was good to have come to celebrate this day. “Said João Pedro


Samara Gomes

Advisor Communication

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