Most of the cattle’s used by Cooperfrigu come from farms of cooperative members. There are proximally 1,500 producers that receive ongoing assistance of technical experts from
Cooperfrigu, aiming to keep the standard of high quality of raw material. Another source of raw material is Cooperfrigu’s own feedlot. The SPI (Integrated Production System), in the feedlot makes possible for total control of all the stages from selection of feed, to all its handling, resulting on the standard supply of high quality cattle.

The cattle’s used for the slaughtering in Cooperfrigu are individually identified and traced through the SISBOV (Brazilian system of identification and certification of bovine) and are properly registered in the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply.


Cooperfrigu’s feedlot is located only 14 Km from the plant and it is settled in the center of our properties, avoiding any type of external contamination. Through the SPI (Integrated Production System), a modern system that integrates the farming-livestock process by the treatment animal nutrition, all the livestock are fed on our own property and or associated from Cooperfrigu. Furthermore, the cattle’s continuously receives high standard nutrition being monitored by a technical team authorized from the Federal Government. The feedlot by the SPI is committed to ensuring that all cattle’s have a special treatment for humanely management, anti-stress and balanced feed, whose structure can hold up to hundred thousand animals per year.