Cooperfrigu Foods participated of the largest food fair in China Mainland

Record of the moment that Minister of agriculture livestock and food supply, Ms. Tereza Cristina, visits the Cooperfrigu booth at Sial Shanghai in May 14th, 2019.

The month of May was marked by the commercial mission of Brazilian government officials to Asian countries, the schedule followed the countries: Japan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

 The highlight  being to the visit to China, where the Minister Tereza Cristina inaugurated the Brazilian beef pavilion in Sial Shanghai. At the same day the minister went to Beijing where they held a government meeting with Chinese government officials, the purpose of the meeting was the ongoing negotiations to expand Brazilian beef and poultry exports to China Mainland.

 “What we can offer the Chinese at this time is a partnership, cooperation and also the opening of more beef and poultry plants, to supply this lack of animal protein that they will have for the next few years,” says Tereza Cristina.


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