O COOPERAR is a program of social and environmental integration conceived by Cooperfrigu Foods with its Cooperators and Collaborators. Existing for more than 14 years, this program promotes actions in the most varied social segments throughout the year.

Cooperfrigu Foods, in partnership with the National Cooperativism Learning Service (Sescoop), sponsored the donation of 400 cancer awareness t-shirts on Thursday afternoon at the Regional Hospital of Gurupi and Maternity Hospital of Gurupi.

Cooperfrigu was represented by its manager of Human Resources, along with the Communication Advisor, Human Resources Assistant and Maintenance Electrician as well. The team was welcomed by both Hospitals’ directors who assisted in the delivery of the T-shirts.

For Káthia Sirlene, Human Resources Manager, the community with each passing day is better educated on the issue of caring for and being attentive to cancer, both male and female, and this idea of ​​distributing campaign t-shirts with a simple hug on the Blue November project that is ending helps to express the support of the company through such gestures.

“The most satisfactory of this action was when we arrived in the bedrooms, where we found sick people, each with its delimitations. And, with these actions, we’ve achieved the purpose of bringing a little joy, a hug, this humanitarian goal that Cooperfrigu has in itself, taking our slogan of being helpful to people. It was an experience of great value, because it gives us the certain that we are on the right track and that everyone needs this, the mutual cooperation of every community. Our souls are light and bright, donating time and love is a very beautiful act that we bring with us since we began the cooperating actions of the Cooperar Project. ” said Káthia Sirlene.

The donations aims to alert people about the health care and advantages of the early diagnosis of  cancer.

Samara Gomes

 Communication Advisor


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