Cooperfrigu Alimentos, always investing in training for development, in partnership with the National Cooperative Learning Service of Tocantins (SESCOOP / TO), promoted the Course of Measurement of Contingencies to the collaborators of the laboratory of microbiological analysis and Quality Control, which took place on April 23 and 24 in the auditorium of the company.

Conducted by Elisa Sonza, Master in Food Science and Technology and ISO 17025 auditor, the topics covered were divided into practical and theoretical classes to better absorb the contents of the requirements and criteria of ISO 17025, in order to enrich the knowledge of these collaborators ensuring results of increasingly reliable laboratory tests.

Within these criteria studied is the Critical Certificate Evaluation, where the employees were instructed to analyze a certificate that was calibrated within the norms and to verify if it really is within the appropriate standards. In Measurement Uncertainty the objective is to determine the value measured reliably through uncertainties. In this way it is considered a parameter that indicates the quality of a measure quantitatively.

The Performance Evaluation was another well-emphasized criterion, which explains that every laboratory works with methods that are validated nationally or internationally and even in the face of this certainty it is necessary to evaluate this performance against the laboratory conditions so that it is safe in the results, demonstrating technically through trials, protocols that must be followed that can be reliably reproduced .

“Cooperfrigu is always concerned when it comes to delivering reliable results, it’s not the fact of setting up a laboratory, picking up an ISO and starting to do tests that will be all right, it’s necessary to prove that the criteria that ISO is applying are being strictly followed. This is the differential of many laboratories that look after of the guarantee of results, demonstrating technically that everything is cooperating so that they are reliable, “said Elisa Sonza.

According to Alberto Sertão Araújo, laboratory analyst, the courses that Cooperfrigu near to SESCOOP has been making available have contributed increasingly to the evolution and improvement of the results in a positive way, adding new knowledge and recycling criteria of ISO 17025 previously studied.


Samara Gomes

Communication Advisor

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