Cooperfrigu’s location plant is highly privileged, operating assets that are modern and well maintained. Situated in the southern region of Tocantins state, which has more than 8 million animals (mainly Zebu e Nellore breeds). Cooperfrigu also has a wide green pasture, an advantage benefit that enables both efficient fattening as a healthier and tastier meat. The modern conception of Cooperfrigu plant allows the entire production process to be made within the same building.
There is a strict quality control in all stages. Starting with the animals transport, made by specialized fleet always aiming at animal welfare, the process of slaughtering, boning, freezing, shipping and transport of products whose production meets the recommendations of GMP, SSOP and HACCP, as the plant are certificated by HACCP.
All production steps are inspected by veterinarians of Federal Inspection Services (SIF).